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zokes83 07-08-2013 09:37 PM

Edius Pro 7 Trial requires SSSE3 @ Win8 Pro 64 Bit / Phenom II X6
Hi, I'm pretty shure that my AMD Phenom II X6 1055T support SSSE3, but the trial installation routine says: "This application requires SSSE3 supported CPU for installation. Setup is terminated." I'm using Win8 Professional 64 Bit with AMD 970 chipset, UEFI, 8 GB DDR3 RAM...

Does anyone have the same problem?

dlmonak 07-09-2013 02:27 AM

Oh no
I have the same AMD Phenom II X6 1055T and it looks like the SSSE3 is a Intel Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 that is not implemented on the chip.
Not sure if there is a way to change this, without replace the chip.

zokes83 07-09-2013 06:56 AM

Why the hell do I need SSSE3, my Phenom II X6 is still a fast and modern CPU? At first Edius 6 doesn't work with my Win8 PC and now I have to change my CPU too to use Edius 7... :(

And no GPU-acceleration support either, maybe I will look elsewhere for a fast editing solution...

Adbear 07-09-2013 07:51 AM

Have you tried using the Demo version? You may find it just works.
If your AMD CPU doesn't have SSSE3 then I'd say it was an oversight of AMD since it's been around since 2006 and you CPU is from 2010. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't use 7 year old instruction sets if it means more accurate and faster processing

Adbear 07-09-2013 09:02 AM

That chip doesn't support SSSE3, it supports SSE3. You need a newer CPU to support it

Alter Ego 07-09-2013 02:01 PM

I'm in the same boat. I have the AMD 1100T and my daughter's machine has the 1055T. The X6 Phenom series doesn't support SSSE3.

I just built a home office system for my wife using a super cheap AMD 3.6GHZ A6-5600K chip and it does support SSSE3, but it is only a dual core. It was only $67 and has a built in Radeon GPU. It was a bargain for my wife's office needs.

The best overall performing AMD CPU is the FX-8350 eight core has SSSE3, but you need a AM3+ motherboard. It won't drop in the AM3 MB's that we have for the Phenom X6's. I may go this way or most likely just switch back to an Intel setup.

zokes83 07-09-2013 05:37 PM

Yes I tried the demo version. Doesn't work.

I think I will stick with my old 6.07 Version on a parallel Win7 partition.

My 3 year old Phenom II X6 for which I paid 180 is still fast enough for everything and has the same multithread speed as the latest small i5 for 140 . Big bang for the buck!

I wait for Haswell-E Octacore, cheap 1 TB SSDs, Win9 an Edius 8...

nath 03-15-2014 08:45 PM

What really bugs me is that the box is not saying that we can not run 7 without sssse3 support! And that it needs an uninstall to install. How much fun to reinstall 6.55 if it is an upgrade from and upgrade from an upgrade from an upgrade ... NOT! What a way to spend my weekend. A real downer.

On another note, what did you end up doing?

Did you stick with an amd? I just like all amd products.

Zorro 03-15-2014 08:59 PM

The problem here is AMD: the say they are 100% Intel compatible...but are not. SSSE3 has been here since 2006 and AMD implemented it at the end of 2011.

NakedEye 03-15-2014 09:11 PM

Even if your 6.5 is an upgrade version it's still the full installer it just requires previous version serials on installation Edius has always worked like this so no dramas there however version updates may need correct order in some cases.


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