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jdcampbell 12-15-2013 03:48 AM

K2 Hot-bin
Hey Guys!

I'm new to Grass Valley Equipment and I was hopping someone on this forum could help me out with creating a Hot-bin on a K2.

My flow is:

K2 Media Client -> Network
Hard Drive 1 -> Mac Pro -> Network

I am connected to the Mac Pro and I can see the files, but when I attempt to Import the Clips from the App Center I get error: 0x8004ff02. The same files can be imported from a flash drive.

How can I set up a hot-bin to see the Output folder from Adobe Media Encoder from the K2.

Besides the need to create a hot-bit. When I manually import the videos I am getting error: 0x8004ff02 (With the same file carried over on a flash drive, I don't get this error).

All help is appreciated and I am here to learn. Thanks again Guys!

GrassValley_OB 12-16-2013 07:38 PM

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If you can, call Tech Support at 1-800-547-8949 and start a case to get help. There is also online support.

The only doc I could find is the attached PDF. Best to call and get help, as each setup for HotBin is specific in the details.

I will forward to engineering to see if there is any immediate insight they can provide.

Matthew Neilon 10-27-2014 06:21 PM

Hi Guys,

We are trying to set up the Hotbin export utility but cant seem to get it right. In fact, we haven't been able to export anything even using the conventional exporting method. We are currently experimenting with the K2 Solo and plan on using the Summit for the actual event. We want to export straight to a USB3 drive attached to the Summit.

Questions are:

What is the preferred partition format for the drive? I would presume that its NTFS being windows based.
Our client runs on Mac, would we have issues running a Mac Partition?

Can someone walk us through the setup of this function?

Please bare in mind that we are first time users.

I hope I'm not going to be reprimanded for Necroposting...

GrassValley_OB 10-27-2014 07:10 PM

What version of SW are you using both on the Dyno and Solo?

When unable to export using a Send Path, do you get an export error, or failed attempt?

What format and codec are you recording in?

Normal export is a simple as plugging in the USB drive (formatted Mac or NTSF) to the Summit and use the Dyno/Config/Network/ Send List/ Browse to the drive connected to the Summit, select the folder within it to send clips, hit Accept.

IF it is NTSF, a shortcut to turning on Write permission, is to create a new bin on the drive while browsing for a Send location as described above.

I use Mac formatted drives all of the time without issue.

Matthew Neilon 10-28-2014 09:16 AM

SW versions are and, respectively.

We haven't seen any errors as we have not known how to set up the exporting properly. So it boils down to operator errors.

We are recording AVC-intra 100.

At this point we seem to be OK with exporting using a send path. Thanks for your advice.

Now we just need to understand the Hotbin export side of things.

The way I understand it, we can stream the entire record train to our external drives to be able to supply ISO's for our clients. Is this correct?

GrassValley_OB 10-28-2014 07:13 PM

You should update to the latest 9.3/3.3 software, it's free at the link below:

Then, in the Resources area, select "Software Downloads"

Hotbins are more of an automation tool, generally for 3rd party applications that are looking for content to "land" there, where they will then be picked up and transferred out.

For Hotbin Transfer of record angles to an external drive, see instructions in the next post.

GrassValley_OB 10-28-2014 09:43 PM

You need to have the Hot Bin Export license for this workflow (K2-HOTBINEXPORT).

Then follow these steps before you start a Dyno session:

• Log-in to the K2 Solo/Summit 3G Production server
• Press the “Start” button in Microsoft Windows
• Select “K2 Capture Services” application
• Go to the “Hot Bin Export” tab (you will get a warning pop-up if this option is not licensed)
• Enable “Use HotBinExport” box
• Number of streams should be set to “4”
• Select “Add” and this will open the “Export Rule” window
• Under “Source” window select the “K2 Bin Name” that you want to export
o For the record trains select – V:/Dyno/”session_name” (deselect “Include Sub-Bins” box)
o For the highlights only select – V:/Dyno/”session_name”/Highlight Bins (select “Include Sub-Bins” box)
• Under “Destination” window select the “Folder Path” that you want to export media to (The USB Drive)
• Choose the “File Type” you want to export (MXF recommended)
• Press “OK” for the settings to be registered
• Then Press “Apply” for the service to be updated (you will get a pop-up window of acknowledgement)

Then start the Dyno and create a new session – please make sure it has the same name as the one that you set-up in the K2 Capture Services!

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