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dpalomaki 11-24-2015 10:56 PM

Coding Crash
Any idea why a PC v3.06 conversion to NTSC DVD elemental steam using default settings would crash about 13 seconds into coding a short AVCHD clip in Mastering Quality, but not in standard quality? Same thing happens with a short HQ Fine AVI source clip.

Its on a Win 7 64-bit X97 system.
The crash report says the fault is in MSVCRT90.dll.

John Lewis 11-30-2015 09:31 PM

There was a problem with Procoder 3.06 and NTSC many moons ago. This was not present when using PAL, you could try going back to an earlier version
I cant say whether it applies to your particular problem but if you can try it with PAL settings and see if it works

Do a search in Edius, try PAL OR NTSC in advanced AS A SEARCH and refine the search to just look at Procoder Forum

This may help or not

dpalomaki 12-02-2015 02:26 AM

This appeared to work.

John Lewis 12-02-2015 08:34 AM

Did you roll back to 3.05

dpalomaki 12-02-2015 03:04 PM

No. Still used 3.06.

Jerry 01-07-2016 04:35 PM

Is there a specific reason why you still use Procoder 3? If you are going to AVC you should look into the TMPGE AVC movie plugin for your appropriate platform. If you have a Z97 system, the plugin will use Intel QS to process. The X99 platform will use the x264 codec quite well, especially if you have a 5690X chip.

dpalomaki 01-09-2016 02:41 AM

Was trying products to encode ES for DVD.

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