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Liverpool TV 06-08-2019 05:55 PM

Cheap 1TB USB-C SSD that works well with Edius

I recently made a post showing how well an external USB-C SSD works with Edius. For anyone interested in such things, here's the 1TB drive and how to simply put it together.

This was really an exorcise in putting together the most cost effective solution I could find. As such it uses the the cheapest SSD 1TB drive that I could find. While there are better SSDs out there, I usually use Samsung myself for all my builds, this one is OK and the same process would be applicable if using a more expensive and technically better SSD drive.

One thing to bear in mind with cheap SSDs and certain expensive ones is the way they cache when writing. Some drives will start writing slower as they fill up due to certain internal caching operations, using the NAND etc. But they generally maintain read performance as they fill up, which is probably the most important thing when editing.

This drive ended up costing less than 100 and can be done for about $105 USD. There's more detail in the YouTube description.


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