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Steady Hand 12-16-2017 06:26 PM

From Mync to EDIUS bin (with little success)
Hi! I'm (as many others) trying to understand the Mync philosophy. In my primitive understanding Mync adds as a stand-alone program what EDIUS' bin lacks.
So I started to import my material into Mync, added some metadata, organized it in catalogs, but what next?
I tried these steps to make EDIUS know about the Mync stuff:
  • Export a catalog as FCP XML and import that as project in EDIUS 8. There was some odd error message, but still most or all clips seems to be imported. It seems all material has to have the same frame rate (which was not true for my catalog). Unfortunately Mync export does not create a warning, and EDIUS import only logs the errors in a CVS file located in the same directory as the XML file.
  • Create a storyboard and import that into EDIUS. Here the storyboard seems to "convert" the clips to a common frame rate. Unfortunately why importing the storyboard, I get a new sequence, but no clips in the bin. Marking all clips in the sequence and selecting "add to bin" seems to separate video and audio: If I add he clip from the bin to the timeline again, there is no audio track. Also I don't see where the metadata from Mync went to...

Despite of these problems I miss some essential functions in Mync:
  • Unified naming: Different sources use different naming conventions for clips. Some are named sequentially with or without a prefix, some include the date and time (in a variety of formats), etc. To help chronological ordering, a suitable common file/clip naming would be useful. However there is no mechanism for batch/mass renaming of clips using some user-definable rules. Outside Mync and EDIUS I can rename images and clips using exiftool with commands like these (Windows batch file):

    exiftool "-FileName<${CreateDate}_${model;}_%%f.%%e" -d %%Y%%m%%d_%%H%%M -ext jpg %1
    exiftool "-FileName<${TrackCreateDate}_%%f.%%e" -d %%Y%%m%%d_%%H%%M -ext mp4 %1

  • Smarter smart catalogs: You cannot select still images via keywords in their metadata (just for example), and you cannot export a smart catalog like an ordinary catalog.
There are many more issues, of course, but those are enough for this thread I think.

antonsvideo 12-16-2017 09:51 PM

I don't use Mync but in the EDIUS bin, click source browser tab, then you should see a Mync entry, from source browser you can select anything you see in Mync with Add to bin

David Clarke 12-17-2017 09:17 AM

As Anton said you don't export an XML to get to EDIUS if it is on the same system just look in EDIUS' source browser. I did a short series of videos on an introduction to Mync you can see here:

Re renaming: If you rename the media files only you can get into a complete mess with some formats. It will stop programs stitching long clips together and loose metadata..

Steady Hand 12-17-2017 05:24 PM

You're right

Originally Posted by antonsvideo (Post 303176)
(...)click source browser tab, then you should see a Mync entry, from source browser you can select anything you see in Mync with Add to bin

You are right (boldface added for more clarity): I tried a more complicated way, not knowing the right one. Unfortunately I added my clips via different (very manual) means in the meantime.

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