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edver1 03-14-2019 05:34 PM

Influence of the motherboard
How big is the influence of the motherboard cc. the speed / reliability of the system.
Thinking of a new system with a i9 9900K cpu,so the chipset is already determent ,but I don't need all the bells and whistles,and colour scheme's i certainly don't need !
I use at the moment an Asus x99 and that brand I like because it's stable and easily to configure.
Some suggestions ?

dpalomaki 03-15-2019 02:41 AM

The performance differences among MBs given the same chip set, processor, RAM, configuration, and speed are minimal. Consider reliability reports, after sale support, the features you need, and if important the cost.

There are lots of MB reviews, mostly oriented to gaming performance and over clocking; however, they often give a bit of info on video editing-related tests too. So search for and check them out, as well as comments you see on this and other boards. And heck the MB's makers web support forums to get a feel for problems, if any, among the user community.

FWIW I've been using ASROCK Intel CPU boards recently and have been satisfied.

David Clarke 03-15-2019 11:56 AM

I generally use Gigabyte and go for the "cheaper" end models with no bells and whistles. Sometimes more expensive models add things which are meant to help - like the ability to share resources on PCI slots in a fancy way - which actually cause problems.

For my i9 9900K system I actually have an MSI z390 Pro motherboard which I bought because of a special offer on Black Friday. It works very well.

It also happened to have two internal USB3 headers - great for my system as I had the USB3 on the case to plug in and a card reader to plug in. It also had a VGA out on the motherboard as well as an HDMI which I find useful. It only has two big PCIe sockets though which is enough for my nVidia card and a BM Intensity pro 4K, but if I want to add another big card I can't which I could on some other boards. These are the main things I would look at - USB3 headers, PCIe slots and GPU outputs. You may also want to check how many and what type of USB3 ports are on the back.

Before I bought this I had set up systems with a Gigabyte board and the performance was the same, but it had different variations of the above.

dpalomaki 03-15-2019 04:01 PM

Another potential issue is the number (and level) of SATA connectors. Some boards are limited in this regard. Some may offer stuff you may or may not want or need; e.g., like Bluetooth, WiFi.

edver1 03-15-2019 06:45 PM

You both mention the things I'm looking at : Sata ports (at least 6 and 6GB/s );USB 3 & 3.1;M2.0 (2 or more ).
The GPU is on the Intel boards always the same,so no difference there.
I read an artikel,that Intel is planning to stop producing there CPU's with internal GPU,so that would mean no more Quick Sync ?
I'm thinking on a Asus TUF Z390-pro gaming board,it tics all the boxes and it should be reliable and fast.
That in combination with the I9-9900K would me get on speed for 4K editing.
Always open for suggestions,I know there are already many posts about this item,but technology go's fast and nobody knows it all !

David Clarke 03-16-2019 01:39 PM

The Intel GPU is in the processor not on the motherboard. I have not used that motherboard but no reason to think it won't work.

edver1 03-16-2019 02:40 PM

The board I'm using at the moment is very stable and I never had any problem whit it.
The brand Asus has a good reputation here,and I read a lot reviews before I made a decision,that is what I'm doing now also.
The problem is how more You read the more indecisive You ( I ) get.
Editing is for me a 100% hobby whit zero income of it.
So I read al lot on forums to get real experience for users.
Using Edius is this the best place to look for it, and I learned a lot here !
Going a step forward,do I need to reinstall Win 10 & Edius with an new board ?
THX for all the responses !

dpalomaki 03-16-2019 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by edver1 (Post 318949)
...Going a step forward,do I need to reinstall Win 10 & Edius with an new board ?

A new MB will likely require new drivers for the board devices. And you will likely need to revalidate the windows license due to processor and board changes exceeding the Windows license threshold.

While you could probably just move the drives to the new MB and update the drivers, a clean build will be much better. Be sure to do the Edius uninstall properly to avoid license issues.

Jerry 03-17-2019 04:57 AM

I just want to mention that you are talking about two different types of boards here.
You are currently using an X99. This board utilizes a chip that affords 40 PCI-E lanes from the CPU.

The board you are looking at the Z390 chipset, gives you 16 PCI-E lanes from the CPU. So, if you decide that you want to work in 3840x2160 50p, you will need an 8x I/O card to view this
on an external monitor. The Z390 chipset would accept the 8x card, but your graphics card would be reduced to 8x. You may or may not notice the difference.

If you are only using a 16X lane GPU and a 4X lane I/O card, the Z390 chipset should be able to handle that with the right motherboard. Each manufacturer modifies the Intel chipset to suit their boards. Usually, the more expensive boards have more items available; however, all of the options will not be able to be used at the same time.

Here's an example. My Asrock board(Z97) came with 10 Sata ports. Asus boards at that time were normally maxing out at 8 Sata Ports. Normally, only providing 6.

If you want the Z390 and you need more lanes, look into the Asus WS 390 Pro or Supermicro Workstation boards. These will be more expensive due to what they do.

More than likely, you will be able to find an Asus board to fit your needs.
You need to decide the components, and lane counts, that will be added to the board prior to selecting the board. If you intend on using M.2 drives, PCI-E lanes need to be calculated into that decision as well.

Do the math before buying a board.

edver1 03-17-2019 03:19 PM

You just gave me serious good advice !
My GPU card is a Asus GTX660,already an old "beast" my CPU is a I7 5820 so not all the lanes provided by the motherboard!
Perhaps I would be better of with a faster/more lanes I7,but they are very hard to find here and there price is even hard to swallow + no quicksync !
That's the mean reason to change the whole thing.
I "stick" to Asus because there really nice UEFI bios and there stability.
If You have better combinations => I'd love to hear them !
Much appreciate Your'e input .

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