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trillium 07-03-2019 06:21 PM

Handbrake naming convention
If you've rendered a file to .m4v in Handbrake can you just rename the file to .mp4 without an issue? Seems to work on computer playback but wondering if the same will work on a smart TV. Will check this when I go home for lunch. I changed HB preferences to now always use the .mp4 extension. I know my Sony will not play .m4v as it did not see the file in it's so-called media server. Sony hates Apple.

Liverpool TV 07-03-2019 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by trillium (Post 322231)
can you just rename the file to .mp4 without an issue?.

No, they’re two different things.

trillium 07-03-2019 07:32 PM

Thanks, I decided to re-render to the correct file extension though changing the file name did work on the PC- might not work elsewhere so I decided to err on the safe side.

Liverpool TV 07-03-2019 10:21 PM

Don't forget, this is not simply a file extension. While MP4 and M4V are very similar and I dare say that one is based on the other, they are not file extensions they are media containers/wrappers.

Some players, hardware and software, will look beyond the file extension and see the stream properties/types and transport types etc. and some will recognise what they are despite the file extension and play them. This is what's happened when you changed the file extension. Maybe try the changed file extension version on your TV and see if it sees it.

You get the same sometimes with other file types, like text files, where the wrong file extension may still work.

In any event, you will definitely find things that wont play something with the wrong extension. Unless M4V is an absolute must, MP4 is the way safer one to use.

trillium 07-23-2019 06:39 PM

Discovered the Handbrake "force" .mp4 file extension setting in prefs for for H.264 solved problem.

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