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BodyCount2 09-05-2019 02:09 PM

Export to MXF MPEG2 and GOP structure problem

Long story short, I'm trying to export files to MXF MPEG2 file for the playout. Problem is that the playout I'm exporting it for is PLAYBOX AirBox which is highly sensitive to untidy gop structure. Another client had same problem cca 2 years ago and I found out that if check the file with Gspot, it shows high amount of B frames in continuity although it should be N=12, M=3 GOP.

That customer switched to episode for encoding and they started to create perfect GP structure when it was checked with Gspot.

Now I am experiencing the same problem. I'm trying to find the preset which would create MXF with tidy GP structure but whatever I try it doesn't work. If I export that same source to simple MPEG 2 program stream, gop structure is perfect...

Can anyone help?

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