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panosole 12-02-2015 04:40 PM

Edius 8.1 and Juicer 3
Hello Everybody
I have exported 50 clips (110Gbytes) from (Editors Toolkit 9 Christmas) using Juicer 3.90 build 119 and imported the clips into my Project.
Although the option " Transfer to Project's folder" is ticked , the Material is ok, it can be edited, but it is not transferred to the "transferred" folder.
The Clips are exported with the default codec of Juicer which is QuickTime.
It is the Procedure that i always do, but this is the first time that this happens. Also the Settings are the same for all the clips.

Do you think thai it could be a codec issue? If so then why are all clips ok and can be edited in the Timeline?
Any ideas what is the problem?
Any help/advice is much appreciated.

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