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Liverpool TV 10-11-2019 04:01 AM

Building an Intel NUC PC.

For anyone who isnít too familiar with building a full blown workstation for running Edius on, hereís an example of an Intel NUC. These are way easier to put together and are a great option for those who donít have a lot of experience building computers but want to get into system building.

The Intel NUCs are basically tiny computers that are quite powerful for what they are and the recent ones work really well with Edius due to QSV and will even allow for a certain amount of 4K/UHD editing.

Iím just finishing off a bunch of hardware videos, some of which are about NUCs. Iíve done a slow paced build and explanation of building a NUC but this video is basically me trying to see how quick I can put one together. This video should hopefully show people how straight forward the process is and how quickly it can be done.

Iíll post some other hardware videos that are relevant to Edius users as I do them and will show some examples of Edius running on a NUC.


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