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Forum Rules (updated: 05/02/2014)

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  • Forum Rules (updated: 05/02/2014)

    Basic Conduct
    • The forum is owned and operated by Grass Valley. You as a forum user are a guest here. Please treat the forum, moderators and other forum users with respect. The decision of Grass Valley is final on any topics of discussion regarding the forum.
    • This is a PG-rated forum. Grass Valley has products for users of all ages. Keep the discussion PG (Parental Guidance, a movie rating). As a rule of thumb, if what you want to post would not be seen or heard on daytime major-network television, rewrite or rephrase it, or simply don't post. Posts that are deemed offensive will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and no discussion will be entered into.
    • Please do not involve gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or politics in your posts, signature or profile. These topics lead to debate more often than not, so it is easier just to leave them out.
    • Unacceptable behavior may lead to editing of posts, warning, and/or removal of a user's forum privileges and/or account. Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to insults, cussing (swearing), racial slurs, sarcasm, slander, phishing, hacking, posting of illegal or morally-unacceptable links or content, promotion of illegal or immoral activities and links to sites that do not conform the basic principles of conduct stated here.

    • One forum account per user.
    • Each forum user is to have a single forum user account. Users found registering or using multiple forum accounts will be subject to warning and/or removal.
    • Maintain accurate information within your user profile.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your forum account has correct information including a real name and valid email address. Accounts found to have invalid or bogus information or email addresses will be subject to immediate termination.
    • Account user names beginning, including, or ending with "Grass Valley" are reserved for Grass Valley employees or their designated representatives only.
    • Account names that include copyrighted product names or trademarks belonging to Grass Valley or any other third-party manufacturer, are not permitted.
    • Users registered with account user names that include the aforementioned, will be removed or asked to change their account user name.
    • Accounts with obscene, slanderous or hateful information in the user name or profile, will be removed without warning.

    Posting and Moderation
    • This is a strictly moderated forum. The decisions of the moderators and Grass Valley staff are final.
    • Keep posts on topic. In order to keep the information density of the forum high, posts that are not useful or do not contribute value to the discussion may be removed without notice. Information on what content is deemed 'on topic' vs 'off topic' can be found here.
    • Post to the correct sections. For some products, there are specific sections for Desktop/Professional users and topics and for Television/News/Film Industry users and topics. Since the two worlds are often polar opposites, please stay in the correct section. If you do work in both areas, post to the area that is most appropriate for your topic of posting.
    • The forum is for serious discussion on using Grass Valley products only. If you want to socialize, there are many other places on the Internet to do so.
    • Posts may be moved, edited for content or removed by moderators as necessary.
    • Outside of any specific forum section declared for this purpose, no promotion of goods or services outside of the Grass Valley product range is allowed.
    • It is okay to state, "I use ___ to do my work and I love it." It is not okay to say "I have ____ for sale on my site - buy it from me!"
    • Keep a positive attitude. If you're having a problem, fine, say you are, but don't make blanket statements like "____ is worthless." If you are restating something you heard from someone else, make it clear who/where you heard it from, and don't be surprised if others react in such a way as to prove the statement wrong.
    • NO SPAM!
      Users found using their forum accounts for advertising or other types of "spamming" including sending unsolicited private messages of a selling nature will be investigated and may have their accounts terminated. Further legal action may ensue depending on the nature of the offense.

    • Account information is provided solely for the use of the Grass Valley forum.
    • You are not permitted to retrieve ("scrape") other users' information from the forum to use for marketing or other purposes without the prior written consent of the user(s) involved.
    • Posting of another user's private information is not allowed without prior written consent of the other user. Instead of posting someone's information, if you have their information, contact them yourself and let them know who's trying to contact them, or ask them to come onto the forum themselves.

    • Grass Valley reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or alter user accounts and posts as necessary at any time without warning.
    • Grass Valley will comply with law enforcement personnel and local law with regard to personal information, posts, private messages and other forum data under court order and/or in a legal investigation.
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