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Saving a shot with NewBlue Cartoonr

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  • Saving a shot with NewBlue Cartoonr

    Thought I'd share a little trick that completely saved a shot from a recent gig. Below is the original camera image. The videographer had a very nice composition of important people, but the lighting... UG! Our Bridesmaids deserve better.

    Editing in GV Edius, I needed to save shot this in a hurry. Preserve the composition, colors, backlight, but lose the harshness. So I used the free version of Cartoonr with some pretty whacked out settings like the ones below.

    I intend to create a base of smoothed color for the final clip.
    Here's the results...

    Create a copy of the clip to a higher video track with Ctrl+Drag and remove Cartoonr from this new clip. Apply a Screen keyer to the new clip for the results below...

    The Screen Key adds too much brightness for this shot, but I can adjust this with the Transparency Rubber Band. And I'm done!

    Fixed in about 5 minutes!
    Rusty Rogers | Films
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    Originally posted by Rusty View Post
    Fixed in about 5 minutes!
    in the final shot, the texture in their strands of hair looks really great. very neat.