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How to access videoFX plug-in with edius 4 ?

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  • How to access videoFX plug-in with edius 4 ?

    It may sound stupid but I am new to edius...
    I have installed edius 4.02 and videoFX plug-in and desktop video fx organizer. And here is the problem…I have started desktop videoFX organizer and saw beautiful transitions. VideoFX organizer notified me that this application is for organization and customization purposes only. To apply this effects to actual video sources I need to access the videoFX plug-in using video editing application. So, I started edius and then I have realized that I do not have access to effects I have sow in desktop videoFX organizer. In the effect palette I have only effects that I had before I have installed videoFX plug in.
    How to ad this plug in that is this effects from videoFX plug-in to edius and apply them to video source?

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    To my knowledge, VideoFX: Transitions was never supported by EDIUS..

    I believe it only works with Let's EDIT, and some earlier versions of Ulead Video Studio, Media Studio, and Adobe Premiere Pro.


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      Is there some cool plug-in for video transitions designed for edius 4.02?

      And I thought that there is something wrong with application. Is there some kind of plug-in witch I can use in edius similary with this videoFX plug in?
      Thanks and excuse me for beeing boring


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        Well, there's Xplode Professional for EDIUS 4, which as an owner of EDIUS 4.02, you are entitled to free of charge.

        Simply register your EDIUS software at and then visit the downloads page for EDIUS Pro 4 - you'll find it there.

        Unfortunately, no flavour of EDIUS features a transition organiser quite like the one you've seen with VideoFX.


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          Thanks! This information was very usefull for me.
          P.S. Sory because of bad English


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            link to fx plug-in

            sory my friends >>> is there direct link yo download fx plug-in

            i need it is very important to me


            sory about my language