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New Blue Efx - Great Customer Support

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  • Rusty
    Your comments reflect my personal experience with NewBlue.
    Because it's my only complaint, I hope they come up with a different registration scheme soon.

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  • psfx
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  • psfx
    started a topic New Blue Efx - Great Customer Support

    New Blue Efx - Great Customer Support

    I need to express high praises for the customer support of New Blue Efx. I was under a rough deadline to finish a project and needed a bit of help from one of their plug-ins (Video Essentials). I had tried out the demo and loved the results, so I purchased the program. The next day, I was only left with a few hours to work on the footage, so I loaded in the plug-in only to find that it wouldn’t accept the serial number.

    I searched their website for solutions but none remedied the problem. There wasn’t any visible telephone support offered (much to my chagrin) so I submitted a plea for assistance via their website form. I indicated that I only had a short time left to complete this project and within 20 minutes, I had a phone call from Todor to help me walk through the problem.

    We were never able to figure out what was wrong with the serial registration, but after it was apparent that it wasn’t going to work, Todor offered another solution that fixed the problem and got me back to my project (which I managed to finish on time). I was thoroughly impressed with the care and concern that New Blue Efx demonstrated in helping solve a problem. It was efficient and friendly customer service that you rarely see anymore (not to mention a great product)! They definitely will get my return business.

    I wanted to pass this along to anyone who might be thinking about using their plug-ins. The product is excellent and as mentioned above, the customer service was inspiring. Thanks New Blue Efx!