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importing animation into TitleMotion Pro

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  • importing animation into TitleMotion Pro

    Does anyone happen to know if there is anyway to import an animated lower third in to TitleMotion Pro? I can bring it still images but obviously no TV station in the US uses static lower thirds anymore so i was hoping to be able to bring an animated lower third in to use as a background. i was even able to convert my lower third into a .via animation but can't find anyway to bring it in. Has anyone had any luck with this type of thing? Thanks!

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    What file type is the animated lower third? I would just stick it on a video track, then use the title track to overlay your text.


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      We use many lower thirds and do exactly as Brandon suggests


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        Sorry it took me so long to respond. Yeah currently we drop the animated L3 on to the video track and then drop the titles on the the title track and it works fine, but was curious if we could build certain things within titlemotion and save that step. Obviously not a big deal was mostly curious if it was possible to import video into titlemotion...

        The L3 is a vizrt graphic that comes out in 60fps avi, btu obviously can be converted however if need be.

        Any thoughts?