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  • Pixel pops

    Heres a little something I stumbled apon.


    Asus sabertooth MB Z97 16 gigs of ram SSD system and edit drives Nvidia GTX-660 video card

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    I remember seeing these a while back. I want to say that they were originally for EDIUS v.3, but don't take my word for it. It'd be interesting to know if they work with v.4.x. Some of what is shown on the one demo reel that actually opens isn't all that different from what you can currently do in EDIUS, but I'm sure the 80+ filters you get may have more/better features and may also be a bit more user-friendly.


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      Filter Magic

      They are just presets, so you could do them yourself. I actually own the original Storm version. I just copied the settings into Edius and was able to use them there.

      There are a lot of nice ones and it was just a fast, easy way to have a number of different filters available