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  • Acon compressor/Expander

    Sorry, may be this is not the good forum...

    I have read some info about Acon plug-in for Edius...

    I need compressor/expander (especially for voice over speakers)

    Acon seems interesting tool. But I am still in Edius 9.54.

    Is there any way to obtain and/or buy this module or .tpi files ?
    And if yes, how to install it correctly

    I have found this
    and have downloade this : * File download mirror (OneDrive): Acon Digital EDIUS Editions (VST2 Plug-in)​.

    It is an .exe file so I did not proceed...

    Is this a good way ?

    Thank in advance​
    Yvon durieux alias "Haddock" Belgium GMT + 2

    Sorry for my poor english, I am french native speaking

    Main System: Azus Z87 Pro, [email protected], 16gb ram, Nvidia GeForce GT 630, Windows 7 Pro 64, Samsung 840 pro, Edius 8.53.2808 WG and 9.54.6706 + NXexpress or HDspark, 2T separate video SSD.

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    Since this is a product for EDIUS X you need to upgrade to EDIUS X.
    If you don't want to upgrade please visit Acon Digital | Audio Editing and Processing​ and purchase there.

    Get Support or the Latest version of EDIUS:
    EDIUS support and Downloads