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    I'm using Robuskey for my green screen effects. I'm diving back into shooting with green screen after several years. Several years ago I purchased the Vixia HF G20, and it helped tremendously when compared to older webcams.

    Now there seems to be webcams on the market that shoot in 4K. I know that the video conferencing software, such as Zoom, won't send in 4K probably, but for recording right into the computer, this is quite convenient. Assuming I create a very well evenly lit green screen and light the actors well, has anybody had success with one of the best webcams on the market shooting against a green screen.

    I'm honestly not sure how to compare the Vixia HF G20 resolution with the latest webcams. Not sure what technical details to look at. Sorry for the confusion and lack of understanding the camera resolutions.

    Help much appreciated to choose a camera to record a fairly decent green screen shot.

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    Go pro hero10, black action it is the best camera I had ever seen.