There are some misunderstandings on how TP for Edius 9 actually works. First off, Titler Pro does NOT work the same as Quick titler or Vistitle in the way that the files are accessed, saved, and stored.
The TP for Edius version being used in these videos is 171213.

There are 3 videos:

1). The first video will show basic settings to get you started

2). The second video will show you how to save a hard copy of a title. This is important. If you don't do this and you delete the file out of Edius, that title is gone.
This video will also show you how to render the file so that it will play on the Edius timeline.

3). The 3rd file will show you how to import a file that has either been saved by you or acquired from another source. Here is a hint! Titler Pro .nbtitle files can not be directly imported into Edius.
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