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can Neat video 5.0 work in edius as 10bit?

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    one more time:
    "The Edius team should add full support for higher-than-8-bit image data in the interface offered by Edius to plug-ins. The existing support is not full, in all existing versions of Edius. It may be sufficient to let some simpler plug-ins receive 10-bit data from Edius but it is not sufficient for more complext temporal plug-ins like Neat Video. The Edius team knows what is not fully supported on their side, we discussed that with them in the past.

    The OFX support is also not complete in Edius, as far as I know.

    I don't know if it would easier for the Edius team to complete the native Edius interface or to improve the OFX interface. Once that is done, we can then do our part to support higher bit depth from the side of one of Neat Video plug-ins to be used with Edius.

    The ball is on the side of Edius now."

    I am sorry but I have to to do everything what I can. Because 8 bit is unusable.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.
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      Unfortunately everything is as in my previous post. If there are any changes in the future we will notify the forum.

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