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Strange problem with Vistitle and Intensity Pro 4K

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  • John Hooper
    Thanks Jerry, but I think I have solved it. I have tried a 2nd HDMI socket on my TV and it now plays perfectly.

    Strange though that this only showed up using a title and not on a clip.

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  • Jerry
    Can you post a screen shot of the timeline with the 3D transform area showing in full. Does it do it with Quicktitle?
    Also, have you checked your cabling?

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  • Strange problem with Vistitle and Intensity Pro 4K

    I have just started a new project with Edius 8.22 WG.

    The project is PAL HD (1920x1080) 50i.

    I have made a very simple title for the beginning using Vistitle 2.606

    If I play the timeline from the start the Intensity Pro 4K (driver 10.8.2) output to my TV shows the static title slightly dimmed, then within a second or so, coming up to full brightness. I don't have any fade in at the moment on that title.

    The timeline plays without this problem on the PC monitor.

    This strange effect also happens if I click on a blank part of the timeline, then put the static playhead on that title. Even with a static playhead the title is dimmed for a couple of seconds.

    This dimming does not happen with a video clip.

    Any idea why this should be happening to this output via the Intesity Pro?