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  • Loudness revisited

    18 months ago, I fell foul of EBU 128 loudness for a TV ad going to ITV in the UK.
    After an intense amount of "education" and help from the forum, I tried and purchased for $30.
    It is standalone - but "it does what it says on the tin" and consistently produces within spec results. I have subsequently sent over 20 ads in the past 18 months- all passed EBU128 Loudness.

    Would recommend to anyone requiring EBU128 to buy this simple but effective tool. Bouke also has some other interesting bits of software.

    At IBC the lovely man form Isotope was showing his Loudness VST for €350 more and does no more!!!!

    E8*WG has a loudness meter - however the settings don't seem to allow for • Target Level Tolerance : +/-0.5 LUFS
    • Maximum True Peak : -1dBTP
    It doesn't have correction - so if you need Loudness correction, you have a simple cost effective solution at videotoolshed.

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    Bouke provides some interesting very helpful tiny tools that never costs a fortune.
    Very fair pricing and very good direct mail support and very fast solutions if something does not match.

    For more advanced features I can recommend Nugen LMcorrect 2 which controls and correct a lot more standards (e.g. leq(m) for cinema releases). They even provide a Dynamics plugin which helps to correct more balanced. You just have to feed a WAV or AIFF file set of single channels (mono, stereo, 5.1).

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