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  • importing external subtitle

    newbie here am doing a prj, is there any way edius can import external subtitle (pac or srt)? tia.

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    If you have Vistitle (third-party) you can import subs.

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      Originally posted by GrassValley_SL View Post
      If you have Vistitle (third-party) you can import subs.
      so it does import the pac/srt and when load in timeline, it will be synchronised w the video we working with...

      thank you for your reply.


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        I think it best to download the manual of Vistitle from which you will get a lot of information:

        There also is a trial version which you can download to check.
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          If the .srt has the matching time code to the video, it should sync.

          What is the final destination? If you want the files hard coded into the video, you can do that straight from the Edius timeline.

          If you need subtitles to toggle so that they can play in a Media Player such as VLC, you can export your video to mp4 and your subtitles to .srt and merge them
          using MKV Merge to create an .MKV file. This will mux the file rather than creating a completely different one.

          You can also use Handbrake to create either an MKV or MP4 with burned in subtitles or those that are able to be toggled. The added benefit is you can reduce the file size
          while keeping the quality up.
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            Importing subtitles works very well, render quality looks good.
            VisTitle supports text scripts only (SRT, AVID TXT), but no binary formats such as PAC or STL.
            Keep in mind that VisTitle has a random render bug on subtitle processing if "render by char" is applied.
            It renders sometimes (not often) two chars over another.
            Bug has sadly never been fixed, but there is a workaround by switching to "render by Line" and applying it to all subtitles.
            If you know about that, VisTitle is your best choice.

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