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  • Upgade to TMPGENC 6

    Is it worth upgrading to version 6 from 5? What is the main difference in 6?
    3 Edit Systems all running widows 10: 1 Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz Quad Core 8MB 77W Edius 8.5 Vistitler 2.6.0 Window 10-12 GB-
    1 i7 QUAD CORE 920 2.66GHz 8MB 130W Overclocked to at least 3.5GHz Edius 7.51
    New system: Asus X99 i7 6900K 3.2GHz, 32GB DDR 4 Ram, GTX 1070
    Edius 8.5

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    For me "Yes", since I relay on slightly better quality deinterlace using Interpolation - High Precision.
    In the Help file they say following about the metod:

    Interpolation - High Precision
    This high-precision adaptive interpolation method which was optimized and also enhances the referring and comparing algorithm from the already implemented [Interpolation - Adjusted] method. By utilizing this new method, it reduces jaggies and flickering pixels with higher accuracy compare with the [Interpolation - Adjusted]. Since this method analyzes the picture's characteristics in quite some detail, the processing speed is slower than the [Interpolation - Adjusted] method.

    This was the major upgrade reason for me.
    1st System: Edius 9, TMPGEnc VMW6 & AW5, ASUS P9X79, Core i7-3930K, Intel SSD 330 180GB, GeForce GTX 570, Corsair Graphite 600T Mid-Tower, Sony Optiarc AD-7280S, 16GB RAM, 12TB , Canopus ADVC-300, 2nd System: Edius 9, HP ZBook 17 G3, i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 16GB RAM, 512Gb SSD, 1 TB HDD. Cameras: Panasonic DVX200, Fuji X-T3, Sony RX10


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      i did upgrade and fully happy with it.
      strange, but TMPGEnc 6 standalone does QuickSync, but Edius 8 WG doesnt..



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        What is your OS, Edius version, and Intel driver version. Also, are you running dual monitors or a single?
        Six Gill DV

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        Main System:: Azrock z690 Taichi, [email protected], 64gb ram, Lian Li Galahad 360mm in push pull, Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL ROG case, 13 Lian Infinity fans, Win11 Pro , Samsung 980 1tb boot NVME, 2TB Sabrent M.2 NVME, 2 TB WD 850x NVME, 1TB Samsung SSD, 12TB Raid 0, BM MINI MONITOR 4K, , Dual LG 27GK65S-B 144Hz monitors, GTX 1080ti SC Black.
        Second System: EditHD Ultimax-i7, X58, [email protected], Corsair H80, Win764, 24gb ram, Storm 3g, Samsung 840 Pro 256, 4tb and 6tb RAID 0 on backplane, GTX 980ti Classified, Edius 9, Apple 30", Samsung 24", dual BD.


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          To add to Jerry's post, also what motherboard and CPU do you have?
          DVC Built Clevo P775DM3-G Laptop with UHD screen, 7700K [email protected], Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GPU, 500GB M.2 Primary, 1x 480GB SSD, 1x1TB M.2, 1x 2TB 5400RPM Video drives, external Blu-ray Optical


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            Originally posted by Jerry View Post
            What is your OS, Edius version, and Intel driver version. Also, are you running dual monitors or a single?
            win 10, Edius WG 8.20, videocard ATI Radeon R9 390X driver 16.150.2211.0, and Intel HD 530 driver
            i run single monitor, but display adapters are both visible in Device Manager.
            Motherboard Asus VIII Hero and CPU 6700K

            in Edius, i can choose QuickSync with TMPEGEnc plugin, but it wont work, gives a error.

            i was hoping that next update automaticly fixes that :)

            it should be out in a second :)

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