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Photoshop 1 pixel Blur - Anti-alias ?? HELP.

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  • Photoshop 1 pixel Blur - Anti-alias ?? HELP.

    Senior Moment or Stupidity or Both.

    I have a picture separator that comprises of two parallel diagonal lines which I have made in Photoshop. I have already made the masks to get 3 separated picture layers but the Top separator is just to sharpen the separation.

    These two lines running at about 75degrees 11 to 5 on a clockface have jaggies on the edges. They are on a Alpha and using the magnetic tool and refine edge does naff all.

    I'm sure I have done this before but this morning I'm stuck in that famous creek without a paddle.


    EDIT - Maybe this is a keying issue. I'm using alpha and I have found by offsetting 0.1% an extra pair of lines in each direction with layouter, the problem is resolved.
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