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Realtime Playback with NewBlue Title Pro and Effects

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  • Realtime Playback with NewBlue Title Pro and Effects

    Hi EDIUS friends,

    We are all aware that real-time playback is a huge advantage of working with EDIUS! I have seen some discussions regarding RT when using NewBlue products, so I wanted to start a new for two main reasons:
    1. Provide some education for achieving RT
    2. Collect information to help us understand hardware requirements for RT (with effects)

    Titler Pro 4

    Using Caching:

    Titler Pro 4 includes caching options to optimize playback. If you are unfamiliar with TP4's caching abilities, you can find information here:

    Once cached, titles are essentially a media asset. Therefore, if you typically get RT playing back video at your project's resolution, we anticipate the performance will be the same with cached titles.

    Do keep in mind that if you overlay a title over video, you can expect the same performance as you would with overlaying video (at the same resolution).

    With Caching Disabled:

    There are still many situations when you can get good playback with caching disabled. Following are a few optimizations to use:
    1. Increase your EDIUS Playback Buffer Size (Settings > System Settings > Playback)
    2. Set Titler Pro Draft Preview Quality (Settings > Preview Quality) - this will not affect your final render quality, you will also see the title in full resolution when paused
    3. Make sure you are using optimized templates with the "Isolate Layer" option (information below)

    The "Isolate Layer" toggle for your paragraphs (see screenshot) is an optimization feature to help your templates render as quickly as possible. In short, when still checked, each paragraph is its own 3D scene which requires its own pass through the GPU in sequence (this is very much like Photoshop or After Effects). When unchecked, the paragraph resides in the same 3D scene as other unchecked paragraphs, requiring only one shared pass through the GPU (much like 3D modeling programs).

    When you uncheck Isolate Layer, you'll need to be mindful of your paragraphs' Z space and arrange your paragraphs to prevent them from "cutting" each-other.

    Effects and Transitions

    Our Video Effects are not necessarily expected preview in RT, depending on your system hardware, project resolution and color depth. I typically recommend the following options so improve playback:
    1. Once your effect is applied to a clip, open the effect controls. In the bottom-left corner of the control area, you can change the preview quality to 50% or 25%.
    2. If the first option does not improve the speed enough, in EDIUS you can go to Render > Render Sequence > Render Loaded Area (or Render Overload Area)
    3. It is also important to note that our plugins do not operate in 10-bit color depth, so 10-bit projects will cause slowdown

    That information given, we'd like to better understand what hardware you are using and whether or not you're getting RT playback. So far Jerry and antonsvideo have provided some useful information on other threads:

    to kick it off, all Newblue filters and transitions are realtime here with GTX-980
    This is with my 4790k system with the GTX 780 and it is RT. The project is 1080 29.97p 8bit. Also, figure in the use of Camtasia.

    I just did a Chromakey Pro filter over a clip with Video Tuneup Plus on it in 8 bit in PAL. This is realtime. In 10bit it chokes.
    The plugins are not 10bit in Edius and therefore not optimized for 10bit.
    The OFX bridge, however, is 10bit.
    When possible, please also share the product name and version number to help me understand when you are using current vs legacy products.
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