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DeckLink Quad 2 compatibility edius 7.51

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  • DeckLink Quad 2 compatibility edius 7.51

    I read on the site

    I have not found edius....

    I'm surprised

    the rest of the world editing is ok edius is ko

    do you have any solution



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    That's because on those other programs Black Magic write the plug-ins to make them work whereas with Edius, Grass Valley write the plug-ins to make it work, and if I remember correctly officially Edius doesn't support the version 10 drivers from BM even though most cards work with the version 10 drivers inside Edius so Black Magic don't put it on there, and especially with a card that isn't even available yet.

    Also bear in mind that if it's anything like their other Decklink SDI cards like the Quad and Duo each SDI in is seen as a separate card so you will only be able to use one input and output at a time inside Edius
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