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Installing Boris RED into EDIUS 8

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  • Installing Boris RED into EDIUS 8

    If you have a version of Boris RED 5 or 5.5 released before 24th.December, 2015 - it will not automatically be installed into EDIUS 8.

    The newer versions of Boris RED, released after 24th. December, 2015 will automatically detect EDIUS 8 and install it correctly.

    I have uploaded a tutorial to Vimeo to help explain one method of getting EDIUS 8 to "see" your earlier Boris RED 5 or 5.5 installs.

    The method will only work if you have a valid installation of Boris RED on your computer.

    To avoid this procedure, the easiest way is to download the most current version of Boris RED 5.5.3 from the Boris FX download area.
    It will automatically recognise EDIUS 8.
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