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    I have been using Vistitle disappeared so following forum advice from Jerry advice I uninstalled it...downloaded and installed the new dongle driver and Vistitle 2.6. Dongle seemed to install OK, but the installation of Vistitle wants my 2.0 serial number..shouldn't it just use the key from the dongle?
    I cannot locate my 2.0 serial number and am shut out.
    Please help.
    Thank you,

    So I understand your dongle hardware is ok, but you cannot install VisTitle 2.6, because the installer require you to input the 2.0 serial number ?

    If you have been use VisTitle 2.5 before, then your dongle should alreay be 2.x, it is not necessory to input 2.0 serial number again. So did you makesure your last VisTitle is 2.5 ver, not is 1.x ?


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      Seems the dongle has expecting one to be shipped from China as soon as their team gets back from a week...
      thanks for your efforts and help.
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