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    Unveil is a very nice De-Reverberation and Signal Focusing plugin.

    I just intalled Unveil Demo 1.7.6 and it works perfectly with Edius 7.31.

    Just make shure to pick the 64bit VST Plugin an install it to the \Edius7\PlugIn\VST -folder. At the end, there should be 2 Folders and 2 Files in the VST folder.
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    Maybe it's me, but $399 seems a little steep. According to the website, it also is extremely CPU intensive. I guess, if it does what you need it to do, price doesn't matter.
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      Zynaptiq has aquired Prosoniq & their great approven polyphonic time stretching
      technology with formant correction as also known from third party vendors such
      as Steinberg & man others. (DIRAC, qDIRAC, MPEX 2, MPEX 3 and ClearScale).
      The guys really know what they do & they did a great work on every single
      product, so I think that Unveil will earn its money if someone really needs it. ;)

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        Full Version of Unveil 1.7.6 needs Edius 7.31 to run with administrator rigths.
        (According to Zynaptiq Support they will fix this in the next Version)
        Win10 2004 / 32GB RAM / Ryzen 3900X / Edius X / NVIDIA GTX 1070 / NeatVideo 5.1 /