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Is difficult to use DaVinci Resolve?

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  • Is difficult to use DaVinci Resolve?

    Hi, is there DaVinci Resolve pluging for Edius 7?
    How much is difficult to use it? Its interface is user friendly or is it necessary to study for it?
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    No plug in. Search for an AAF workflow from Andy. Several threads. It has been announced that there will be a few changes with Resolve 11 coming out soon.
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      You ask is it difficult to use. Maybe you should ask your self do I need it for what I am doing?

      Honestly while it is a good free tool not many people really need it. It is mainly used because it is free. (with res limitation)

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        If you are used to an editing program you need to study for it IMO. Some of the logic is the same, some is different. Also it does not work with lots of different media - like most AVI files, for example, and is aimed at broadcast formats and HD and above - so although it does SD I have also had problems finding a format that will load into it.

        The big question is why you would want to use it. It is primarily a grading program - so a way of treating your images to make them look better. It has a lot more tools than EDIUS and can do things like add masks which can track people across the screen so you could choose to brighten or sharpen a face, for example, and it would follow that face around as it moves.

        But learning it is hassle, you have to mess around to get the edit from EDIUS to Resolve to do the grading, and you have to then send it back from Resolve to EDIUS, all of which takes time. Also EDIUS has a lot of good grading tools itself if you learn how to use them, and simple things like the auto balance controls in the three way colour corrector which sort out the colour balance really quickly (hardly any thing is Resolve is automatic).

        Its a bit like comparing doing masks and effects in EDIUS to masks and effects in After Effects. I can do tons of stuff in EDIUS, but if I go to a dedicated effects program I can do more and better at the expense of time, hassle and having to learn more things.

        There are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube which will help to get you started. I also found the user manual, which you can download from Blackmagic, very helpful and explains things like the colour parade scopes and how to use them. I did a short demo at an open day last year which you can see on YouTube where I tried to explain why you might use it in 20 minutes:

        I am using footage from a Blackmagic Cinema Camera which is the kind of footage that really needs Resolve to make the best of it.
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