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info please on vitascene v2

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  • info please on vitascene v2

    Hi, I am about to receive my new pc on which I will run edius v6.5. I currently run edius v6.08 and use vitascene 1 (from bundled disc) which I find very useful.

    I know that v1 doesn't run on edius 6.5 and I must upgrade to vitascene 2. Now there is a special deal still on their website for us "bundled" v1 users. My question is does this download stand alone and if so how to Prodad know I had the bundled disc as there doesn't seem to be a serial number on it.--or does v1 have to be loaded first? (but I discounted this as it won't run on edius 6.5)
    Rod Pike
    A set of high quality paint brushes don't make you Rembrandt!

    Windows7-Edius 6.55-HDspark-VISTITLE v2.5.TMPGenc 5.vitascene v2-mercalli V2-Respeedr v1-Intel core i7 4770 8mb quad core processor-Asus Gryphon Z87 mobo- 16Gb ram-1 x samsung 256gb SSD 840 pro sata-2xWD 1tb sata caviar blue in raid 0-ASUS gtx 760 overclocked 2gb graphics card. Asus DRW 24 DVDRW DVD player-Cameras:Panasonic AC160A and AF102. and an 8kg cat who sleeps on my desk all day.