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TMPGEnc Plug-in AVC EDIUS Pro 7 custom settings

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  • TMPGEnc Plug-in AVC EDIUS Pro 7 custom settings

    I have been asked for information on the 24P and 50P custom templates that I made in March (see this thread, post #90), so I put them both along with screenshots of the settings into a zip file which I am attaching here.

    To use the presets you need to first open the generic one that comes with the plug-in and use the export settings file OPEN button to load my custom settings, also be sure to change the output filename extension from m2t to m2ts before you export, the m2ts file will then appear in Edius bin when rendering is complete. Lastly, these are tuned for maximum quality with filesize of secondary importance. If you want a smaller filesize just reduce the QUALITY from 65 downwards say 2 or 3 steps at a time while rendering 10 second clips, a rippling water scene will really test it!

    These are working great for me having pixel peeped them to death at close quarters on a large screen, "click-click" against the originals on the Edius timeline, can't see any difference and that's via my Storm 3G so includes the 108050P template. However, if any experts think I got something wrong be sure to let me know.
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