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How would I learn Adobe After Effects to use Edius with it?

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  • How would I learn Adobe After Effects to use Edius with it?

    After learning the basics of Edius 6.x, it would really help if I could learn AEX. What are some things that AEX could do, that you've done in your line of work, that Edius 6.x does not?
    What are some good resources to go between Edius 6.x and the most recent Adobe After Effects?

    Asking this here, because the same question at the Adobe board got 2 responses in 8 days... not a good sign.

    Thank you.
    Still learning Edius, not even middle grade user yet.

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    One of the best free places to learn After Effects is After Effects is a compositing program, different to an editing program so it compliments features in Edius. If you checkout the Video Copilot site you will be able to see a whole range of things that you can create in After Effects and use in any editing program. Things like titling and chroma keying can also be done in both program's however specialised program's that work within Edius, like Robuskey and Vistitle are better for this (or certainly more convenient to use).

    Vistitle also provides enough After Effects like functions to almost replace this application for some Edius users.

    You may wish to search this forum for hints about creating composited vision to use in Edius from After Effects, especially relating to alpha channels.