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PluralEyes 2 (or 3) for use with Edius?

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  • PluralEyes 2 (or 3) for use with Edius?

    Hi all, I just unexpectedly received a copy of PluralEyes 3, which includes a copy of PluralEyes 2 -- I figured I may as well take it for a spin.

    Is it preferable to use PluralEyes 2 (even though PluralEyes should be faster) given how it integrates nicely into Edius?

    Lastly: do I need to know anything before installing? Just quit Edius and then run the "PluralEyes for Edius" installer, and it should then show up in the Edius Tools menu -- simple as that?

    Is there a procedure to "uninstall" PluralEyes if I need to do so?

    Thank you kindly!

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    Plural Eyes 2 integration is nice. Plural Eyes 3 does not integrate with EDIUS at all. The only option to export is through their "Media Files" option which means you can only sync one camera with audio tracks. I still use Plural Eyes 2. It works wonders for me. I can sync as many cameras and audio tracks as I like and it works great. See the forum I started discussing the issues with Plural Eyes 3.