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GrassValley hardware and adobe after effect

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  • GrassValley hardware and adobe after effect

    Is it possible to use GV HDstorm hardware to preview from adobe after effects cs5.5 or cs6 ?

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    Not possible


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      What is great problem for GV to make such plugins??? why they stopped to support them after version cs4??? Why we need to buy more expencive, less functional hardware that couldn't make preview from Adobe, 3ds max etc - indusrty standart products?
      What's wrong?


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        They're editing cards and it takes a good amount of engineering time to keep up with Adobe's SDK. Since it's not the primary purpose of the hardware, it is better to leave it to other manufacturers and cards that have those resources to dedicate.


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          And now they support Blackmagic cards you can use one of those in EDIUS and for output from After Effects etc.
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            If you already have Edius 7 you could just buy an Intensity Pro from Blackmagic.