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  • AVCHD and CMU software

    Proud new owner of Sony NX5U :-) (I haven't turned the camera on yet)
    The camera shipped with Content Management Utility (CMU) v 1.1.
    Will this be the best way to import the clips from the SD cards and 128G Flash Memory Unit? or should I be doing this directly thru Edius 6.5?

    A few more Questions:

    The Disc says that " 64-bit editions and starter(edition) not supported"
    my system is 64 bit. Will it work properly?

    In my web surfing, I see an upgrade "Content Management Utility Ver.2.1" and it offers -
    "Flash band correction function (when updating from Ver.1.1 or older)
    - Flash bands can be detected and corrected.
    * Flash band: Horizontal bands with luminance different from other parts of the image, which appear due to a flash or strobe light"

    is this a wothwhile (legitimate) upgrade?

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    You might want to PM John Lewis here on the forum. He can give you some insight into the camera. There is an issue the the timecode display within Edius.
    Contact John and let him give you some pointers.
    You can read this thread as well:

    A more recent thread:
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    Six Gill DV

    If you own the Tutorials and you need help, PM me.

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      I looked at the requirements on this Sony page and the way I read it, the CM Utility does not support Windows XP 64-bit Edition and Windows XP Starter Edition.

      That make some sense, as both were quite niche and 64-bit XP had weird compatibility problems in my experience.


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        I transfer all my NX5U files with the CMU. Takes a little getting used to but it works very well and transfers files correctly with LPCM audio for the 2 hours shows that I do. I run Win7 as you can see from my signature.

        Ron evans

        edit yes 2.1 is worth the upgrade as it does deal reasoabley with flash banding
        Ron Evans

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