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How to avoid conflicts between some Edius plugins ? I have a DIY solution...

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  • How to avoid conflicts between some Edius plugins ? I have a DIY solution...

    Although we realized the official or none official feedback that some Edius plugin might interfere other ones. For example , I saw the following message from this forum :"on some systems having a certain amount of NewBlue plug-ins installed will cause Heroglyph 4 and Robuskey to crash..."

    How to resolve such issue? I have DIY experience , FYI.

    I figure out that under Edius, there is a wonderful feature :Render and add to timeline !It means : we could press SHIFT+Q to accomplish perfect rendering of a video segment ! You just assign IN point , OUT point, then press Shift+Q , done !
    Because the Edius would create a brand new video track automaticlly, then render a desired video segment , add such rendered video segment on this new track. Obviously the new video track on the top of original track and will cover it...

    For example : under Edius 6.5, A-type plugin would cause B-type plugin crash.
    It means , we could not use these 2pcs plugins simultaneously.
    But, you really want both magnificient effects at all. So, how to avoid conflict/interference between A and B ?

    I have a solution:
    First of all, backup all plugin files in such plugin folder of Edius , (under 64 bit Windows system), the path should be

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\EDIUS 6.5\PlugIn

    Normally I use WinRAR , compress all of them , into one RAR file.
    Afterwards , in this folder , delete B.tpi (disable B-type plugin ) ,then launch Edius , in Edius timeline, point a video track, try to adopt A-type plugin !
    (Don't worry about B-type plugin, becasue it was already disabled...)
    Then assign IN point, OUT point ( I key and O key ), press Shift+Q to render and create a brand new segment of video file. Later, save such Edius project file, then quit Edius .

    Next step: exchange plugin !

    Locate the plugin folder, delete A.tpi (disable A-type plugin), and restore B.tpi from relevant RAR file. Now, we may re-launch Edius ...
    You would see the warning message, declare that Edius find out a issue, lost A-type plgin, Edius worried about it and replaced it as a default plugin ( or dummy plugin) effect...
    It doesn't matter, just ignore it and skip!

    At this time, we don't care the A-type plugin any more ! Because we already finish rendering of A-type plugin effect, we already got rendered video segment on the top of original video track. And the A-type plugin was disabled. Now, sure we are willing to use B-type plugin on such rendered video segment, without hesitating.

    So, we just adopt B-type plugin, then press Shift +Q , to render then create another brand new video segment on the top of video track of timeline.
    Eventually we just save such Edius project, then quit Edius.

    Up to now, both A-type plugin effect and B-type plugin effect, were already adopted as well. We made it, and already avoid the conflict/interference between A and B ...

    Now , in this case, even you delete both A.tpi and B.tpi, it doesn't matter, since we have already earned rendered video segment in Edius. Already accomplished our goal.

    BTW , since you already accomplish your mission. Later you can restore A.tpi or B.tpi at any time, then launch Edius, in the project, Edius would recover parameters as normal state. You may modify such plugins freely...
    Trust me !
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    It's well known that there are over twenty Edius plugins all around the world. Although we like them , we are willing to install and use them. But have you considered the conflict and interference between them ?
    My habit: for evaluation and studying, just install all of them, totally.
    But, the most important thing is :
    backup plugin folder first .

    Afterwards , delete unwanted tpi files. Just keep desired tpi files, it would make Edius stable, with rapid improvment.
    And we may recover tpi files at any time, freely.

    That's quite useful habit . Although I have installed over twenty plugins, but , in my case, the Edius is always stable and smooth. Sometimes , I just keep one (additional) tpi of third party plugin ,then launch Edius...

    Later, I may change to other plugins freely. They are always available... (just restore relevant tpi file , it's quite easy!)
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      Nvidia just released GeForce 310.70 WHQL Driver

      For safe NLE environment , you'd better download the latest driver .


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        I would stay away from the latest drivers at this point. 310 is causing many problems with Edius configurations.
        Six Gill DV
        If you own the Tutorials and you need help, PM me.

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        Second System: EditHD Ultimax-i7, X58, [email protected], Corsair H80, Win764, 24gb ram, Storm 3g, Samsung 840 Pro 256, 4tb and 6tb RAID 0 on backplane, GTX 980ti Classified, Edius 9, Apple 30", Samsung 24", dual BD.


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          Supplement 1

          As I mentioned , even I have installed over twenty Edius plugins , but I may avoid some conflicts between them. Before launching Edius, delete unused tpi file from Edius plugin folder. But , don't delete all of them.
          Because there are some Edius self-embedded pugins , if you insist to delete all of them, you might encounter unexpected error / issue .

          Which plugins should be reserved ?

          All the cts*.tpi ,
          a sub-folder, named: Alpha

          Please keep above files, just it.

          This time ,I am testing Lucidlogix Virtu MVP , use i7 embedded GPU and discrete GTX 680 GPU simultaneously , although I launch Edius with the environment of discrete graphics card (1920 X 1080 120Hz ), but I could also accomplish QSV ( quick sync video) of Intel i7 embedded GPU ! That's the benefit of Lucidlogix Virtu MVP...
          During this experiment , when I launch Edius, I encounter a issue (some Edius plugins need discrete GPU accelerator,I will fix it soon... ) But when I delete some plugins , the Edius becomes to normal state... Afterwards I try to export H.264/AVC file, I make it. It's possible to implement HW accelerator (Intel QSV), under Edius 6.52 !

          Because I keep such cts*.tpi especially. Edius is quite clean and smooth, and it doesn't affect third party plugins at all. Because, later I will restore relevant tpi files, to Edius plugin folder, freely (at any time)...
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            Supplement 2

            Not only Edius plugin folder, but also for AE bridge folder and VST folder, just backup first. If you don't want to adopt them in your Edius project now, delete some of them , to make Edius smooth.
            Later, once you want their effects , just restore ...

            Therefore I have 3pcs backup files, in my HD drive.

            1: from Edius plugin folder.
            2: from AE bridge folder ( I already assigned relevant path in Edius menu ).
            3: audio VST folder ( I already assigned relevant path in Edius menu ).



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              Demo video , here it is...