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  • Please dont shoot me !

    Recently had a conversation with a contact from " Neat Image" , I have used their software for years on stills and as a plugin for Photoshop. As soon as I thought about high ISO video I looked their way and alas .... nothing for Edius !

    OK I am a big Edius convert, for an Adobe user it is a big step to walk away from everything I am familiar with, but to hear that the closed SDK policy of Grass Valley is holding so many "plug in " features away from Edius is frustrating.

    OK your really smart guys, produce great a NLE and no doubt have your reasons for keeping the door closed..... but perhaps your keeping a lot of users out with that policy ?

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    The SDK is available to all third-party plug-in manufacturers. We do have a process for making it available...

    We have been trough the neat video discussion before.

    Please do a search.

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