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PluralEyes install Problem.

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  • PluralEyes install Problem.

    I purchased PE for Windows 2 days ago. Found & installed PE2 for Edius (vers 2.0.2[8175]PluralEyes for GV, & Edius6 & 6.5)
    My Edius on this, my older WSt is 4.6---- I have vs5 on my Laptop.
    PE2 came up looking OK, and"Loading " appeared in Centre Space. Edius was up at time of PE2 install. I followed instructions in "Help" and directed Edius to PE2 in Programs folder. ---- No PE2 showed in "Tools" as expected, (which is in EDIUS dropdown, not toolbar) . Nothing in VST Folder or in "Audio Effects".
    Perhaps it won't work because my Edius is too old. Reinstalled PE2 with AntiVirus off---- same result. Tried copying whole PE into VSTplugin folder !----no result. I have a 2 cam (Z1P & 5D2) up with about 12 "takes" to compare & optimize, plus the master track from her CD to possibly add via PE2. It'a promo. Is this correct forum?

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    You should have read the Plural eyes instructions...that is the problem you are experiencing. :)
    Look under tools-> you will see the plural eyes logo named : Plural eyes.

    Check if the latest version of plural eyes which is the one for 6.5 is backward compatible....

    Also I don'y know why you copied plural eyes to the VST folder. That's just weird.
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