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Canopus AVI files can't view in CS6

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  • Canopus AVI files can't view in CS6

    I created AVI files in Pro 1.5 with Canopus Rex hardware and Win XP for the operating system. When I try to import them into Premiere Pro CS6 (Win 7) there is no video. Only audio. When I resave the file as a Microsoft AVI it works fine. This is why I originally thought it may have something to do with a Canopus Codec? I installed their codec pack from the Grass Valley site and installed that. No change. Could it be a 32/64 bit issue?? The file plays fine outside of Premiere. I also made sure when the files were originally captured that the Microsoft compatability was checked in the Capture options.
    Has anybody else come up against this? Is there a 64 bit Codec ?

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    It is the codec. If you have EDIUS 6 or 6.5 then you get a 64 bit version of the GV codec and the files work in Premiere.
    The new software codecs you can download from GV should also work in Premiere Pro but I am not sure what would happen if you installed these on a system which has an older version of EDIUS installed. Which version of EDIUS do you have?
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      I have Edius 4 but it is not loaded on the Win 7 machine. I loaded up the GV 6.51 codec pack off of the website and there is no change. I didn't see anything mentioned about 64 bit in the download area??