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    Hello everybody.

    I know that the Vistitle 2.0 is already here, but i have a few questions to make about this very nice product.
    First. I have installed the 1.86 full version which works fine. Do i have to uninstall the 1.86 and install the new version 2, or should i upgrade the already installed version directly to version 2?\
    Second Question...What about the USB i need a new one in the case of upgrade, or is it only needed in a case of a new purchase ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Computer Details
    Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X
    Core i7 10700k @3.8GHz (8 Cores 16 Threads)
    32GB DDR4 (2*[email protected] Mhz Corsair)
    1*250 GB M2 EVO 970 plus(O.S and programs)
    2*640 GB WD Raid 0 for Video Editing
    1 Sata Dvd-R
    1 Sata Blu-Ray Reader
    Nvidia GTX 1060 OC 6GB Ram 192Bit
    2 LG IPS235v-BN Led 23"
    Windows 10 Professional x64
    Intensity Pro
    Edius Workgroup 9.52.6384

    Once you go Mac you may come back!!
    Once you use FCP, you always need to render!!!
    Thats why i switch to Edius !!!

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    I upgraded today from 1.86. When I went to install the Vistitle 2.0 the installer told me to uninstall any previous versions. I did and the install went quickly and no problems. The 2.0 is internet activated with a code supplied by Vistitle.
    You still need your dongle from the previous version plugged into the computer to use the new version. You do not need a new dongle for version 2.0

    I have no clue what happens if you a buying version 2.0 as your first install of Vistitle.
    Edius 8 Workgroup, Intel 3770K, Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard, 32GB DDR3 1600 ram, SSD for C, external Raid box with WE RE4 1TB drives Raid 0 for video assets. Overclocked 4.3ghz, Asus GTX 660 ti, water cooled system. Windows 10 Professional 64bit