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In camera image stabilization or Mercalli?

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  • In camera image stabilization or Mercalli?

    How do the two technigues differ? On one of my video cameras panasonic HC X900 it offers image stabilization.

    I have used Mercalli on some footage shot with a Sony T3. Amazing how it will help the footage shot from this tiny handheld camera.

    By comparison I don't see much difference in the end result.

    Just wondering what you all would do or think.
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    Mercalli can compensate for far more severe vibration than the camera can, but it will always result in image quality degradation by zooming and/or cropping. I would always use in-camera stabilization if appropriate, and only if that is not enough would I apply Mercalli.


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      In-camera optical image stabilization is generally the best. Many of the better camcorders have it now.

      In-camera (non-optical) vs. Mercalli would depend on the technology used in the camera. If the camera relies on an over-sized CCD/CMOS and compensates by adjusting the captured portion of the sensor then in camera should be better. If the camcorder uses a scale and crop method, then Mercalli may be better in that it may allow you a bit more control.

      Some cameras (e.g., Pentax DSLR) actually move the sensor for stabilization.


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        The in camera will generally sort out small movements. Mercalli will do bigger ones. I always have the camera stabilse on, and then use Mercalli afterwards if needed.
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          Just videoed the Liverpool Sea Oddessey this weekend (giant marrionettes walking the streets (60 foot diver, a 30 foot girl and a 6 foot dog) in a Titanic homage.

          Used my Panasonic TM900 with image stalilisation on, with it on a monopod and often held high above the crowd for a better view, excellent results