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Thunbs Up for the T5 Mastering Works Update.

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  • Thunbs Up for the T5 Mastering Works Update.

    I just downloaded the recent T5 encoder update and they have really improved the speed. What used to be 4-5:1 is now 2:1 on my system. (i-7 920 @ 3Ghz)

    The CPU gets up to 45% for DVD and 55% for Blu-ray (mpeg-2).

    My test was with a 3:04 minute Lossless file. With my filter set using 2-pass VBR the file was completed in 6:07.

    Good stuff. Thank you TMPEnc.

    It is a shame that the x264 implementation is still not up to Handbrake's quality level.
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