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    Titler - Edius Beta!

    We are pleased to announce the Edius version of Titler Pro is now available for testing. Your feedback is very important to us and can help shape the usability and features of this product and we certainly wish to hear your comments on what's good, what's bad, what could be improved, and other features you would like to see. So please give it a test and let is know your thoughts.

    Please download and test with this new version and, once again, please return your feedback to us. The NewBlue Titler beta may be downloaded here:

    Feature Areas
    Here are some feature areas to go through as you explore Titler Pro:

    Manipulating text in both paragraphs (strings of characters as one block) and as individual characters.
    Navigating the Library
    Applying styles and making your own with Style layers
    Applying transitions and effects to paragraphs (there are also “Animation” categories in each)
    Adding shapes in paragraphs, or as stand-alone and applying Styles to them
    Applying effects to individual Style layers (can only be applied to 2D layers)
    Keyframing paragraph position/rotation/scale and effects on paragraphs
    Let Us Know
    As you explore, please make a note of:

    What you find as strengths, or what you’re impressed by
    What you find as difficult to understand or use
    Any moments where you believe they are a bug
    Any performance or stability issues
    What key features you believe are missing which severely limit your ability to use Titler Pro as your “go-to” tool for titling (we’re already loading the hopper with next-gen feature ideas)
    Known issues:
    As we add additional NLEs, we do have some know issues that are still being worked on. So if any of these apply to your testing, we already know about these issues:


    Duration of your Titler clip can only be changed when you first create a new clip. When you create a new Titler clip, there will be a "Duration" box in the upper right corner of the Titler interface. Enter the duration that you want that Titler clip to be. Once you save your clip, the duration will remain fixed even if you edit it.
    If you have a Titler clip that is longer than 10 seconds on your Edius timeline, when you edit and re-save the clip, occasionally the duration will be shortened to 10 seconds. We are working to resolve this issue:
    As a workaround, to get your clip back to its original length, reopen it by double-clicking on the clip, make a small change, then select the "Save as New" option. This will place a copy of the clip in the Edius bin at its original length.
    Reporting Comments or Bugs:

    Please include the following information when reporting bugs or other notes you believe we need to consider:

    To: Edward Troxel ([email protected] ),
    Marcus Johnson ([email protected])

    Subject: NewBlue Titler Bug Report : <a brief description >

    · Name, version and operating system of the video editing software you are using.

    · Steps needed to reproduce the problem.

    · Optional: Include screen shots

    Naturally, we may request more information as needed.

    Again, thank you so much for participating with us to make Titler Pro the best it can be. We deeply value your feedback, so please communicate with us often.

    The NewBlue Team

    NewBlue, Inc. is more than a plugin maker. We enable video enthusiasts and professionals alike to customize media and stand out in a crowd. Follow NewBlueFX

    Our goal is simple: To be competitively-priced, aesthetically fresh, and ridiculously easy to use. At NewBlue, we love technology. But more importantly, we adore the arts. On our team, you'll find musicians, filmmakers, artists and writers, all brought together by the desire to merge our passion for the creative with our talent for the technical. Our line of NewBlueFX plugins demonstrate this arts and technology merger and so will each of our products to come.
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    4225 Executive Square, Suite 480
    La Jolla
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    newblue titler

    this is separate from the quicktitler which i have now?
    will loading this mess up my current titles on projects?


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      no - its a plugin - but its a beta so use with caution!


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        NewBlueFX Pro Titler

        I have been beta testing the titler for another edit software. I have been using the titles on productions with no problem. The titles look sooooo much better than Quick Titler. The ability to extrude the text coupled with the transitions and effects makes the 3D more vivid. Using different negative parallax for each line also enhances the overall 3D effect.
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        64-bit Operating System
        Ram - 64 GB DDR3
        Main Drive - OCZ-AGILITY3 SSD HD
        Graphic Cards - NVIDIA Geforce GTX770 4GB DDR5 RAM


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          use with caution as there could be issues with projects?


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            Very interesting product.
            Thanks for making it available to Edius users.
            Couple of issues:
            1. Performance - Performance is pretty bad.
            Even adding a text without effects (simple static text) in a 1080/25p timeline on top of a 1080/25p movie causes severe stutter, quicktitler doesn't (even with effects and motion).
            2. sync cursor... doesn't seem to work, moving the cursor in titler has no effect on the video preview of edius.
            3. I don't like the way keyframes is made, it's not very intuitive and requires too many actions to create simple motion in the text.
            Most programs create automatic keyframes as soon as you move the text etc., here I have to create each keyframe manually and I have to keyframe all aspects, so if I just want to move the object to the left between the keyframes, but then I decide I want the text bigger in both keyframes, I can't do it and I have to reset the keyframes.

            Hope you will get these fixed! it looks very promising.


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              On point 3 if you turn on keyframe on the start position and move the cursor to the end position and make the move everything is done automatically.

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                I've been trying out the beta, and there are some things I really like the way you can see if a style or template is what you'll like on your title by just hovering over it. Very fast.
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                  Tried it in Edius, and it looks ok.....need to do some more testing....but it looks good so far......


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                    I appreciate the feedback guys. To be honest, it caught us by surprise, as we hadn't intended this to be a publicly released beta. But, since the cat's out of the bag now....

                    Zorn, keyframing should be automatic when you make adjustments to size, position, etc. There are two separate "Turn on keyframing" controls - one on the Object tab, for size, position, etc., and one of the Effects tab, to keyframe effect values. These are separate controls.

                    Make sure that you have your paragraph highlighted on the Titler timeline (it will turn blue), then check the "Turn on keyframing" option on the Object tab. Keyframes should then be automatically recorded when you make size, position, etc. adjustments.

                    If you need to change the value of a keyframe, click on the keyframe number in the keyframe list and it will jump to that particular keyframe, where you can then make the adjustments.


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                      I thought I'd point this out as Edius 3D users could benefit from the New Blue Pro Titler to produce real 3D space titles and effects, BUT:

                      Unfortunately Edius 3D fails to start if you install the NEW Blue Titler pro software, Edius stalls at the GV Edius loading splash screen, and crashes.

                      I'm not sure if the Edius 3D thread is monitored by NewBlue.

                      Paul :-)
                      Edius Edits at:

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                        How will the Edius version compare to the Vegas version?

                        Ron Evans
                        Ron Evans

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                          Originally posted by PaulTV View Post
                          I thought I'd point this out as Edius 3D users could benefit from the New Blue Pro Titler to produce real 3D space titles and effects, BUT:

                          Unfortunately Edius 3D fails to start if you install the NEW Blue Titler pro software, Edius stalls at the GV Edius loading splash screen, and crashes.

                          I'm not sure if the Edius 3D thread is monitored by NewBlue.

                          Paul :-)
                          My understanding is that Grass Valley is still working on the third-party SDK for Edius 3D, so at the current time we do not have the tools to build a version of Titler Pro that can work with Edius 3D.

                          As exciting as it is, I think it's important to remember that Edius 3D itself is still a beta product. We certainly plan to include Edius 3D support for Titler Pro once a final version of Edius 3D is released.


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                            o.k. hardware question. I just downloaded the beta and it wont start because my new system has an onboard video card as well as a nvidia card and I get a "your card doesnt meet the required specs error" the crappy part is I cant even run Edius now.

                            Asus sabertooth MB Z97 16 gigs of ram SSD system and edit drives Nvidia GTX-660 video card


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                              strange, any software should ignore the onboard graphics providing the BIOS is set to use the Nvidia as primary card
                              Anton Strauss
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