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    In most cases systems aren't specifically targeted, a lot of malware propagates by probing blocks of IP addresses on the local or nearby networks.

    Here is a graph that shows average survival times of unpatched systems. It illustrates the need to stay current with security updates, and also some of the mechanisms that are used by self-propagating malware. If your system was fully patched and up-to-date two months ago, it isn't today. New remote attack mechanisms are discovered all the time.


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      System updates are network deployed.
      That is something taken serious.

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        We use Microsoft security essentials and add some exceptions and have this on all the time on our computers. You don't just get viruses from the Internet, I remember at a show a customer approached me with a USB pen asking if I could look at his footage and see why he could not use the alpha channel on it. The pen had a a virus which my anti-virus software caught thankfully otherwise it would have infected all the machines at the show (none of which were on the internet).

        I personally think you should have one running which you have been told by others does not cause problems. If you get problems think about turning it off. If not running an anti-virus you must run a tight ship as Steve describes, and scan ANY media on a different machine before you plug it into the editing machine.
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