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Vistitle subtitles - How to do "double lines"?

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  • Vistitle subtitles - How to do "double lines"?

    Hi Chaps,
    I need to subtitle a 90min feature film in Vistitle [I'm using 1.5 as 1.6.1 doesn't seem to work - I've read about some Win 7 update issue, so I'll stay in 1.5]. I've figured out how to import a text file with time codes:

    00:00:00:01 00:00:00:11 The man in the hat.
    00:00:01:01 00:00:01:11 The man in the chair.
    00:00:02:01 00:00:02:11 The man in the car.

    Only problem is if the subtitle is too long:
    00:00:02:01 00:00:02:11 The man in the car was looking at the bird on the wire

    I can't seem to split it into two lines to fit the width of the screen. Does anyone know how to do this?
    Muchly appreciated.
    Kostas Metaxas

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    This is only a guess, as I have not had the need to create subtitles yet.

    When you used or created a subtitle template, is it possible at that time to make the text double line height?
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      You can press ctrl+enter key to make text line break in lines that you need to break in subtitle editor.

      Or you can use "//" or "\\" mark up a line-break-sign in .txt file.


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        for example:

        00:00:02:01 00:00:02:11 The man in the car was looking at\\the bird on the wire


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          Thanks!!! I'll give it a go...