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Media Players and image tearing.

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  • Media Players and image tearing.

    If like me you have been driven MAD by image tearing when using media players of one sort or another, use this:

    It works really well, and even has a tearing tester - I really hate watching anything that falls apart everytime the content contains a panning shot or horizontal movement, shocking how WMP is still so bad at this at version ??? 10 or 11 or whatever - enjoy your Edius created content without ugly tearing.

    Paul :-)
    Edius Edits at:

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    I never really liked to watch any video on a PC with a media player.
    I recently bought a WDTVliveHub and use it now for anything and everything.

    From the Edius 1440i timeline a self-contained HQfine AVI, them with T5 a batch encode to SDmepg2 for DVD and one x264 MP4 file for playback on WDTVlive or live hub, I carry the thing anywhere I go :)

    High quality, easy connection, light and portable, soo much cheaper than blank blueray disc's.

    Most importantly no tearing and artifacts, good for client preview, endless repeat for trade show, endless possibilities for it's use.

    For me only 2 con's, a tad slow to copy large files through network, it only reaches 100mb speeds, searching (fast forward & rewind) in a MP4 is slower response than a typical DVD player, otherwise great device.

    P.s. For got to mention, it up-scales SD footage pretty nice, but it also plays 1080i or 1080p smoothly !
    It has HDMI 1.4 output but also component & composite, with audio on RCA cinch.
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