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    Used VirtualDub with the demo today. I'm totally fine with using it like this. Its going to want to pop up it's own window anyway I think. This is so much faster than using CS5 or something. I'm using my Lossless exports which are 6-10GB each and it's really fast to look through the frames and see the HUGE dfference. I thought I was seeing some smooth details, but found a part where I walked by my daughter's face and it literally looked like the perfect photoshopped complexion. There was a piece of hair that got removed and blended into the skin though. I don't think anyone would notice that, but I wasn't sure what I was seeing on the unprocessed side either I thought she had a scratch but then saw what it was.

    The way the plugin does not scream "look I cleaned this up, now the whole thing looks weird" is pretty mind blowing. It literally helps my eyes see things better without sharpening like I took photos. The sky is so smooth and realistic looking now. Amazing.

    I've been using an HV40 and think it works well outdoors and with conversion lenses but I never thought my eyes would see such a pleasant amount of detail you only see with much better cameras.


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      Originally posted by Jerry View Post
      There is a plugin for Virtual Dub. It works really well in that situation.
      Originally posted by dpalomaki View Post
      Worked great with Virtual Dub 32 Bit version to remove noise from some HDV footage shot in poor light. In my i7 950 system with Win 7 64-bit it processed 1080i HDV at about 3.7 FPS.

      However Virtual Dub 64 bit could not open the HDV AVI file captured with Edius 5.5. Did not see the Canopus codec - have not yet had time to try resolve this issue.
      I didn't see any 64bit only 32 bit VD release.
      Could you post a link where you found your 64 bit for Win-7?


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        Originally posted by kruzer View Post
        I didn't see any 64bit only 32 bit VD release.
        Could you post a link where you found your 64 bit for Win-7?
        Andreas Gumm
        post production / authoring
        PC 1Intel Core i7-970 (6 x 3.20 GHz),
        ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, 12 GB RAM, Geforce 9800GT
        Windows 7 Ultimate,
        GV software: EDIUS 7.42, VisTitle v2.5,
        GV hardware: 3G Storm
        software SONY DoStudio Indie + EX 4.0.11
        PC 2
        Intel Core i7-3770, GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H F14, 16GB RAM,
        Geforce 650 GTX, 5x HDD, Windows 7,
        GV software: EDIUS 7.42, ProCoder 3.0
        GV hardware: HD SPARK
        software: Telestream Switch, DTS-HD MAS, Dolby Media Meter


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          Thank you kindly for the link :)
          Would you recommend the 32/64 version on Win-7 ?
          It don't say Win-7 but Vista should be the same.

          Notice on the 64bit download. Should I use this version?
          "It is recommended that you use the 32-bit version unless you have a specific need for 64-bit execution, as the 64-bit version cannot use 32-bit codecs or plugins."

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            Sent to NEAT website sales force - March 27, 2012
            Just adding my request to others' for NEAT to make a plug-in for EDIUS. #1 - you seem to support most of the other major Editors - and #2 - the TV stations would go bonkers with NEAT, since much of their footage is shot under less than optimal conditions - and EDIUS is gaining unbelievable strength in the TV news market. Not to mention the number of "independent filmmakers" who are now editing on EDIUS. Check with GV to verify!
            Many thanks,
            Alan J. Levi

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