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Audio editing is Edius 6

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  • Audio editing is Edius 6

    Hi, new to Edius 6, and i'm finding the audio editing side fairly light on! is there an audio plugin that allows you to fully work the audio track? like muting small sections within a clip, cutting and pasting sounds within the track and auto updates to the timeline??? Like the very old media studio pro audio editor used too.

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    Audio is not ideal in Edius, but there are some powerful tools.

    Shift+V is the V-mute feature, great for tiny track mutes. Adjustments are made in the preferences.

    Cut and paste works like any other.

    I'm not sure what Auto-update would be.
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      Indeed things the op asked are done easy in EDIUS.

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        thanks guys sorted some issues, still can't cut and paste?? not sure what I am doing wrong!!


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          Just cut and paste to a different track.

          You can have 99 of them.

          You'll have to divide the part of the track (in & out) that you want to copy first (just select and C).

          Hope this helps.


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            thanks, will give it a go when i can keep my eyes open.


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              Everything that you have mentioned can be done with the Edius tools. If I have to do any major adjustments I just export to Audition and correct away. It is always a good idea to have a 3rd party tool for either video or audio.
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                Originally posted by unjleg View Post
                thanks guys sorted some issues, still can't cut and paste?? not sure what I am doing wrong!!
                Edius works a lot like a word processor , CTRL+C for copy, CTRL+V for paste (many more short cuts), but same as in a word Processor you'll need to select something before an operation can be done.
                Try cutting a clip, video or audio, slicing it in a couple of small portions, leaving some AV linked some unlinked, some grouped, and move / copy them around to see what each function does, once you own the basics it will become second nature (until GV changes it again :)
                Edius is very fast and easy in doing these type of edits .........


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                  thanks guys for your help,
                  still trying to get vitascene running.
                  but will play once is all functioning


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                    Finally up and running(fingers crossed) thanks for all the help.


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                      hi Jerry, what version of audition are you running??